The city of Williams added Measure C to the ballot for the Nov. 8 general election to potentially increase the city’s transactional and use sales tax by half a cent. 

According to city officials, this would increase the previously approved half cent sales tax increase to one cent to help fund city services such as improvements to city infrastructure, including roads and sidewalks. 

Currently, the sales tax rate in Williams is 7.75%, which includes a 6.25% California state allocation, a 1% Williams local tax allocation and the Williams half cent sales tax allocation. The proposed half cent increase would raise the sales tax rate in Williams to 8.25% if approved in the November election. 

“The city estimates that at least 90% of sales tax paid in Williams comes from visitors, not residents,” said officials. “If Measure C is approved, the additional half cent sales tax is estimated to provide approximately $750,000 annually in additional funding which will be used for providing city services.” 

Out of the estimated potential sales tax revenues, city officials estimate that $675,000 would come from visitors and $75,000 would be generated from residents. 

Williams city officials said this measure is being proposed at this time because it would increase funding to provide services within the community. 

“This funding would be used for repairs to streets, sidewalks and recreational facilities,” said officials. “This funding would also be utilized for recreational activities and to maintain our police and fire public safety levels.” 

According to city officials, if approved, funding from Measure C must stay in Williams to fund local services and cannot be taken by the state for other purposes. 

“Measure C is written without a sunset date and would remain in effect until repealed by Williams voters at a subsequent election,” said officials. “Should it be decided that this tax is no longer needed, a new measure could be brought to Williams voters to repeal the tax.” 

Williams city officials said they are urging residents to familiarize themselves with the facts surrounding Measure C in order to make an informed decision when voting on Nov. 8. 

For more information, call 530-235-3270.

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