After rumors of a forced resignation, the Williams Police Chief has left office. 

Williams City Administrator Frank Kennedy confirmed Monday that he has received and accepted the resignation of Police Chief Ed Anderson  but said that he has been expecting this for over a week.

“I do not think it is accurate to say the Police Chief is being forced to resign,” said Kennedy. “Resignations are optional and of their own volition.”

Anderson, along with Sgt. Steve Woldanski and records technician Eileen Niblack, was placed on administrative leave in Jan. pending an investigation into confidential internal affairs. 

A forth WPD personnel,  K-9 handler Sgt. Jennifer Parker, was also placed on administrative leave in Feb. again citing an investigation into internal personal matters. 

“The others that are on administrative leave will remain on leave a little while longer,” said Kennedy.

While Kennedy has not confirmed what is being investigated at this time he did confirm all four absences are tied together but said there was no single incident that lead to the personnel being placed on leave. 

Sgt. Chris Miller took the reins of the day-to-day operations of the Williams Police Department during the absence of his colleagues.

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