Young Colusa vendor sets up fruit, vegetable stand

Six-year-old Sofia Cervantes, owner and operator of Sofia’s Fruit Stand in Colusa,  has been selling fruits, vegetables and shaved ice from her fruit stand since May.


With dreams of owning a bakery in Colusa one day, six-year-old Sofia Cervantes has already started putting her entrepreneurial skills to work with a growing produce stand. 

Since May, Sofia has been selling the home-grown fruits and vegetables, which she picks with grandpa Pablo and grandma Laura, from a converted horse trailer near her house in Colusa. 

“My grandpa told me to sell the fruit and vegetables because there is a lot and it would go to waste,” said Sofia. 


Starting with just cherries, Sofia said she began selling the produce from her house with the help of her family. 

As the business began to grow, her parents found a horse trailer for sale and had an idea. 

“My mom and dad showed me a picture of the horse trailer painted,” said Sofia. “I liked it a lot so I wanted to buy one with my money.” 

Using the money she has made selling produce, she purchased the horse trailer and her dad took it to his body shop to make the necessary upgrades to use it as a functioning fruit stand. Sofia said her dad  installed new flooring, new windows, wall racks, an air conditioner and a snow cone machine in addition to giving the trailer a fresh coat of paint. 

She currently sells cherries, tomatoes, chilies, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, pears, apples, grapes, plums, broccoli, lemon cucumbers and fresh eggs from her converted fruit stand. 

The newest addition to the fruit stand, and Sofia’s favorite item, is shaved ice in a wide variety of flavors. 

“I love and enjoy Hawaii and when I go to Hawaii I love getting a shaved ice with one scoop of ice cream,” said Sofia. 

Her mother, Laura Cervantes, said as parents her and her husband have been taught no task or dream is too big to accomplish. 

“So when our daughter talked and shared with us of one day owning her own bakery, we were already into the project with both feet,” said Laura Cervantes. “To see her excitement has been our biggest and best feeling. As her parents, we are so proud of the young lady that she is, always wanting to learn in the kitchen, try different recipes with her home-grown goods.”

In the future, Sofia said she would like to attend culinary school to learn different cooking techniques and put them to use in her very own bakery that she hopes to open in her hometown.

“We hope to see her dream become a reality,” said Laura Cervantes. “She is off to a good start.”

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