June 26

FRAZIER – Sarina and Edward Nicholas of Olivehurst, a daughter. 

June 28

CRIDDLE – Gary and Sharon of Marysville, a daughter. 

FAIR – Melissa of Yuba City, a son.

MARQUETTE – Thomas and Reyna of Olivehurst, a son.

OLIVER – Ashley of Olivehust, a son.

PARRA – Alicia of Marysville, a son.

PRADO – Jacob and Michelle of Olivehurst, a son.

June 29

ALI – Perveen and Muhammad Usman of Yuba City, a son.

MADRIGAL RODRIGUES – Guadalupe of Olivehurst, son.

SOTO – Jazmin and  Zuniga of Sacramento, a daughter. 

SWAN – Vijay and Jaswinder of Yuba City, a son.

June 30

ALEMAN – Jorge and Berenice of Yuba City,  a son.

July 1

ESPARZA – Julio and Heather of Olivehurst, a daughter.

SHELTON – Alexis of Yuba City, a daughter.

July 3

FREGOSO – Daniel and Michelle of Marysville, a son.

KAUR – Lovepreet and Sharanjit Singh of Live Oak, a son.

LUJAN – Carlos and Miranda of Marysville, a son.

July 4

BUNCH – Martin and Megan of Yuba City, a son.

CANADY – Melody of Yuba City, a daughter.

ESTRADA – Joseph and Alicia of Yuba City, a son.

GALLES – Eleana and Benny Carbajal of Olivehurst, a daughter. 

HINDS –Constantine and Marya Hinds, a daughter.

NOORI – Karima Noori and Abdul Wasay of Yuba City, a daughter.

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