The Tehama County Board of Supervisors and staff will be moving forward in its process to fill the shoes of former Supervisor Steve Chamblin, whose last day in office was Oct. 5.

Chamblin retired in mid-term from the elected seat due to family health issues.

During a recent meeting the Board accepted the seven applications submitted in September for the position of Tehama County District 1 Supervisor – applicants are Robert Burroughs, Daniel King, William Moule, Justin Donaldson, Terry Knight, Dale Morgan and Jason Browne.

Whenever a vacancy on the board occurs, the remaining members of the board may fill the vacancy within 90 days after the vacancy occurs.

If the board fails to make an appointment within that time period, the appointment power reverts to the state's Governor. The appointee, regardless of whether by Board or by the Governor, would hold office and until the election and qualification of their successor.

The election would be scheduled for June 2022, a filing deadline of March 11, with a run-off election in November, if necessary.

The Board gave direction to staff on Oct. 5 to schedule a special public meeting at 5 p.m., Oct. 26, in the Tehama County Administration Building Board Chambers, 727 Oak Street, Red Bluff, to interview the seven applicants.

The meeting's public comment period will be 20 minutes at the beginning of the meeting, followed by candidate statements, board questions for each candidate and closing comments.

This will be followed by a secret ballot vote by the Board to whittle down the field of candidates. Another vote secret ballot vote will then take place to narrow the applicants down to two. The voting will conclude with board discussion and final selection.

“I am very hopeful the vote doesn't come down to a deadlock as we have just four members on the Board at this time,” said Tehama County Supervisor Bob Williams. “We have really good group of applicants and I'm sure we will be able to select a qualified applicant to fill the vacancy.”

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