Corning Chamber of Commerce seems to be having some troubles finding and keeping a manager. The most recent hire to the position, Renae Beckley of Interland Business, stepped down from the manager position after 11 months on the job.

“It wasn’t the right fit for me,” Beckley said. “I needed more time for my own business and family.”

Beckley took the position after the job had remained vacant for nearly a year after former manager, JC Pendergraft, quit to take a job with the City of Corning.

The chamber office is currently being overseen by Willie Smith, who remains with the chamber as assistant manager on a part-time basis, and Valanne and Tony Cardenas, who are serving as volunteer interim managers.. Valanne retired as chamber manager in 2016 after serving in that position for several years. Tony is a member of the chamber’s board of directors.

“I was personally disappointed to lose Renae (Beckley),” Tony Cardenas said. “We now just have to move forward and decide what are the next steps for the chamber.”

Chamber Board President Laura Fierce was reached on the phone, but unable to make a comment on the issue at this time.

Yvonne Boles, who has served as a volunteer with the chamber in its many community events, said she is very saddened with Beckley’s resignation.

“Renae (Beckley) was one of the best things that has happened to the Chamber of Commerce in a long time and for the conditions there being such that she had to resign is very disturbing to me,” Boles said. “I was on the hiring committee that hired her for the chamber position. After conducting interviews for the position, the panel felt unanimously that she had all of the qualifications to grow the chamber as a business itself, and that her desire was to see that the chamber worked for and supported the other businesses in the community.”

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