City leases additional water tower space

Corning's water tower has become a key site for communication companies to lease space from the city for placement of equipment. The latest is additional space leased by Cingular for a backup generator.

Corning's City Council unanimously approved a change to the lease agreement with Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC, for an additional 932 square feet to accommodate a generic standby diesel generator for backup power.

“In the event of a power outage, the generator will provide backup power to allow the company's internet service to continue,” said City Manager Kristina Miller.

The amended agreement raises the company's rent for space to $2,200 per month subject to an annual 3 percent increase, one additional five-year renewal term, allowing the agreement to extend to Aug. 29, 2035, and increases the commercial general liability insurance.

The original agreement, which was with AT&T Wireless Services allowed the company to use the premises at the city's water tower for the transmission and replacement of communications fixtures, such as associated antennas, an equipment shelter and fencing to secure operation of the equipment and 620 square feet of space.

The agreement's leasing term included an annual rent of $500 that increased annually by 3 percent.

Miller said the newly rented site and generator would be “off to the side and out of the way,” for city access of the water tower.

The agreement addendum will increase the fee paid by Cingular Wireless to the city $26,400 annually.

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