City pool open for limited use

Members of Corning's swim team, the Manta Rays, practice in the City pool at Northside Park on Monday morning. The pool is open for limited public use.


Corning's public pool at Northside Park is open for the summer, but its daily use does not look anything like in years past.

The pool, like everything else, is under the same COVID-19 rules and regulations required by state and local authorities. That means, according to City Planner/Recreation Coordinator Christina Meeds, understanding when and how the pool can be used by the public can be a bit confusing.

“We have people coming to the pool everyday wanting to pay for a day's use as was the practice in the past. However, there are no day use passes this year and patrons have to schedule pool time and sessions online.”

Each weekday morning the pool is used by the town's swim team, the Manta Rays, for practice. Then at 12:30 p.m. the pool opens for public use.

Those wanting to use the pool need to register with the City through its recreation website for times to use the pool.

The city has initiated the following pool use regulations: All registrations for pool use must be in advance-there are no admittance to walk-ins; swimming is restricted to 30 patrons total, with no more than 10 for the small pool and no more than 20 for the big pool; patrons are not allowed to go back and forth between the big and small pool; only one non-swimming parent/guardian will be allowed in the pool enclosure and this person must adhere to all protective measures and social distance from other parents. 

Registration is for two-week sessions, either Tuesday and Thursday or Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for both the “kiddie pool” and the “big pool”. Registration for the big pool is full through July 21 at this time.

In addition, games such as Shark and other tag games will not be allowed and the pool's diving board and slide are closed for use.

The pool's locker rooms are closed to the public and patrons need to prepare to swim from home. 

Adult Water Aerobics is offered, with the number of participants limited to 10 and registration required.

Lifeguards check patrons on a COVID-19 check list previous to use of the pool.

The pool is open through Aug. 10. For more information, call City Hall at 824-7029 or to reserve a time to swim, visit or call 824-7036.


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