Three City Hall employees had their jobs reclassified along with pay raises.

The job previously classified as senior account technician, currently held by Mary Brimm, is now accounting manager/confidential. In addition the job now falls under the management bargaining unit instead of the miscellaneous unit, with a salary pay range increase from $4,129-$5,070 to a range of $4,720-$5,751 monthly.

City Clerk Lisa Linnet’s position as administrative assistant is now classified as administrative services manager/confidential, with a pay increase of about $1,000 monthly. This position will also fall under the management bargaining unit.

The third position title to see a change is of Molly Marcussen who had served as planner I/recreation coordinator I, to now being planner II/recreation coordinator II, with a pay increase amounting to approximately $700 monthly.

The City Council approved the title changes and pay raises unanimously during the Sept. 10 meeting.

City Manager Kristina Miller said the changes are to reflect and compensate appropriately for the actual duties of the employees holding the individual jobs.

“The duties, knowledge and abilities required have been changed to reflect the duties currently performed by these employees,” she added. “Should the current employees resign or retire from the city, the positions will be refilled with the lower level classifications.”

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