Following a public hearing on Tuesday during the regular City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to extend its interim pot ordinance which bans the cultivation, distribution and possession of nonmedical marijuana in Corning.

City Manager Kristina Miller said the city has been in the process of preparing a draft ordinance to regulate nonmedical marijuana in the town in order to protect the public safety, health and welfare of the city’s residents.

However, due to the state nailing down its rules and regulations, Miller said it makes it difficult for the city to form its own ordinance within its jurisdiction.

The council voted to extend the interim ordinance to Nov. 13, 2019.

On Dec. 12, 2017, the urgency ordinance was first adopted by the City Council. By law, the council was able to extend the ordinance to Dec. 8, and once again to the new extension date.

The ordinance establishes a ban on nonmedical marijuana commercial cultivation, processing, laboratory testing, labeling, storing, wholesale distribution and retail sale and outdoor cultivation for personal use.

Miller reports the ordinance allows the city to retain the right to fully study and determine whether it wishes to allow any of the above mentioned activities, and if so, under what circumstances.

By ordinance, at this time the city allows indoor cultivation of medical marijuana in a detached structure in the amount of six plants, but does not allow outdoor cultivation or dispensary centers for medical marijuana in town.

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