As Corning considers a review of its development impact fees, the City Council unanimously approved authorization to seek requests for proposals for consultant services to carryout a Comprehensive User and Development Impact Fees Study.

“This will enable the development of a Master Fees Schedule for the city,” said City Manager Kristina Miller.

The fees are paid by new development projects for public facilities need to serve the new development, she explained.

“The premise behind imposing fees on new development recognizes that the current residents and businesses in Corning are not responsible for the cost of expanding infrastructure to accommodate new development,” Miller added.

As a result of the proposed study, the city council can decide to lower the impact fees or raise the fees.

Miller said the collected fees cannot fund maintenance and operations, but are in a separate account for the specific purpose of infrastructure related to the new development.

The last nexus study report on development impact fees was in 2013, with the last comprehensive study being in 2005.

“The 2013 nexus study report described the anticipated growth for the next 20-year planning period, as well as the infrastructure necessary to support that development and the approximate cost of that infrastructure,” Miller said.

Development impact fees can cover such infrastructure as drainage, water and sewer, traffic mitigation, environmental, park development, and more.

Funding for the proposed study would come through the city's general fund, sewer and water funds.

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