The City of Corning will be spending $28,155 from its general funds budget to install eight ADA compliant audible push button units and controller at each of its intersections with traffic signals.

By unanimous vote, the City Council approved the project during its May 25 regular meeting..

The town has four traffic signals along its main drag, Solano Street, located at Edith Avenue/Highway 99W, and moving east to Toomes Avenue, Sixth Street and the last at Marguerite Avenue.

Elizabeth Ben Lanes and her visually challenged son, Ali Ben Lanes, presented city staff with letters requesting the city install the audible ADA compliant pedestrian push buttons at the signalized intersections along Solano Street.

“This would allow Ali (Ben Lanes), as well as anyone else that is visually challenged to safely walk through the downtown area,” said City Manager Kristina Miller.

She reported that city staff will be able to install the new audible push button units on the poles, but will coordinate the control unit installation with CalTrans as part of the city's improvement and maintenance agreement.

Miller said the project should be completed by October.

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