Vandalism, crime and complaints from neighbors in the area has resulted in the Corning City Council unanimously approving the removal of 15 olives trees at Woodson Park on South Avenue and the installation of security cameras.

The vandalism and other damage at the park's facilities, such as the public bathroom, has increased equipment and staff time for repairs, said City Manager Kristina Miller.

In addition to removing the trees for better visibility through the park by law enforcement and city staff, the City engaged Gaynor Telesystem to provide advise on the use and possible placement of security cameras to aid in deterring future problems at Woodson Park.

Corning Police Chief Jeremiah Fears and Public Works Assistant Director Steve Lindeman met with Gaynor representatives at the park and talked about possible options.

Gaynor suggested the removal of nine trees and the use of security cameras. Six other trees will be removed due to disease.

Cost for the tree removal and installation of security cameras will come from the city's California Citizen's Options for Public Safety grant funds.

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