The season's third District 1 Junior High California High School Rodeo took place at the Tehama District Fairgrounds on Oct. 9. The rodeo results are as follows for first through third place:

BULL RIDING: 1st Beau Rocha, Red Bluff; 2nd Tristan Bonham, Red Bluff.

BAREBACK STEER RIDING: 1st Ilan Davis, Orland; 2nd George Boles, Orland.

TIE DOWN ROPING: 1st Hayden Boles, Orland; 2nd Ilan Davis, Orland.

BOYS GOAT TYING: 1st Hayden Boles, Orland; 2nd George Boles, Orland; 3rd Ilan Davis, Orland.

BOYS BREAKAWAY: 1st George Boles, Orland; 2nd Blake Earley, Oroville; 3rd Max Cohn, Tehama.

CHUTE DOGGING: 1st Hayden Boles, Orland; George Boles, Orland; 3rd Quentin Personeni, Oroville.

TEAM ROPING: 1st Addison Jones, Red Bluff & Levi Andrews, Orland; 2nd Jack Kerr, Red Bluff & Jordyn Staley, Cottonwood; 3rd Canyon Darger, Ukiah & Jayda Staley, Cottonwood.

RIBBON ROPING: 1st Hayden Boles, Orland & Jayda Staley, Cottonwood; 2nd Ilan Davis, Orland & Avery Davis, Orland; 3rd Canyon Darger, Ukiah & Colton Reed, McArthur.

GIRLS GOAT TYING: 1st Kamry Stratton, Lakeview, Ore.; 2nd Canyon Darger, Ukiah; 3rd Avery Davis, Orland.

GIRLS BREAKAWAY ROPING: 1st Kamry Stratton, Lakeview, Ore.; 2nd Maci Cohn, Tehama; 3rd Jayda Staley, Cottonwood.

POLE BENDING: 1st Addison Jones, Red Bluff; 2nd Mae Musachia, Milford; 3rd Kamry Stratton, Lakeview, Ore.

BARREL RACING: 1st Jayda Staley, Cottonwood; 2nd Canyon Darger, Ukiah; 3rd Jordyn Staley, Cottonwood.

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