Every Blooming Thing

Red Bluff Garden Club member Judy Paul loves the colors the fall season brings to her garden.

The long, hot summer is nearly over, and lovely, almost official fall weather is upon us! The beginnings of cooler days and cooler nights allow the roses to gather their strength for some lovely fall blooms. Seeing and smelling their fragrant blooms always makes me vow to take a bit better care of them next season.

The salvia family of plants is generally hardy and quite unique. The blooms and colors are very diverse. Bees and hummingbirds are constantly visiting these plants gathering nectar. Soon fall blooming salvias like Mexican sage and Mexican limelight will begin their show! The buds are pushing growth now so flowers will soon follow. Last year one of my Mexican limelight plants was over 6 feet tall with stunning blooms of chartreuse and deep blue.

Another fun surprise this summer was a pineapple sage I planted. It grew very large and is now covered with lovely bright red blooms which the butterflies, hummies, and black bumblebees are enthralled with. I also love my ruellia, especially in the fall. The perky purple blooms open during the day and partially close at night. They are quite invasive, but I planted mine by my back fence and they make a colorful backdrop.

As the cooler weather and fall blooms brighten my days, I walk around the garden areas and think and plan for next year. I probably have mentioned this in previous articles, but my philosophy is so many plants and so little time … therefore, I believe in making changes when some plant doesn’t quite work out how I had hoped. 

Later this fall I hope to plant some more native plants in some of my more challenging areas. They work well in our climate and for a bonus, most attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds which is a priority for me. If a plant doesn’t work for you, try to get over your guilt, and just take it out. You can try to find a new home for it with a friend, or simply feel that it has fulfilled its purpose.

Fall allows more lovely morning time to enjoy coffee on the deck and watch the birds which is another pastime of my husband and me. In a few more weeks the white-crowned sparrows and then the juncos will be back, enjoying our fountain with a big bath, pecking around the ground, as well as finding treats at our feeders. Currently we are enjoying our finches, nuthatches., Oak titmice, several scrub jays, Nuttall’s woodpeckers, and of course, our hummingbirds on a regular basis.

Well, I have rambled on enough for now. I hope I shared some little gardening snippets or pictures for your mind with you. Enjoy your gardens, whether they be large or small. Plant some pretty fall pansies in a pot. Sit back and watch the birds and bees appreciate the environment you are sharing with them. Plan a change or two you might want to try for the next year. Gardening is so much fun!

Fall gardening is a good time to enjoy your efforts, as there are not huge tasks requiring your attention. So take time for garden walks, enjoy the cooler weather and pretty blooms.

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