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Chase Aulabaugh

Chase Aulabaugh


What is the hardest thing about wrestling and why? For me the hardest thing about wrestling is cutting weight. This is hard because you are constantly having to worry about what you eat and cutting the weight really wares you out so you’re always tired.

Who is your biggest rival? How will you prepare for that match? Our biggest rival is definitely Red Bluff. I prepare for this match like I do all my other matches. You have to be ready mentally and physically going into any match.

What is your least favorite drill at practice? My least favorite drill at practice is sprints. In this drill we sprint from one side of the room to the other side for six minutes. It is exhausting and by the end of the six minutes you feel completely drained.

How long have you been wrestling and why did you decide to join the wrestling team? I’ve been wrestling since I was in second grade. I really enjoyed wrestling in the youth programs and I couldn’t wait to join the high school wrestling team.

How many hours of practice do you put in, in a week? I usually get about 10 hours or more of practice each week with the team. I also lift throughout the week on my own.

What are your goals for this year? My goal for this year is to win Masters and go wrestle at state.

What is your favorite move? My favorite move is the leg cradle. This is my favorite because it’s a fun move to do and it is a really hard to accomplish it. So when I do get someone in a leg cradle it is satisfying.

How do you prepare mentally and physically before a match? I prepare physically for my match by drilling moves with one of my teammates. I prepare mentally for my matches by visualizing the moves that I’m going to do in my head before I go out there and wrestle.

What is your most memorable moment that you can recall? The most memorable moment I can recall was when I won the Corning Invitational for the third time this year. It was really exciting winning the tournament and hearing all my friends and family cheer for me after I won.

How has wrestling changed you? Wrestling has changed me in a lot of ways. The main way it’s changed me is my work ethic. Wrestling made me a really hard worker by showing me that if I really want something I have to work hard for it.

Do you see wrestling in your future? Yes I do see wrestling in my future. I plan on wrestling in college, although I haven’t decided where I’m going to wrestle at yet.

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