A house filled to the brim with filth and garbage, rats, mice and rotting beams has been condemned and set for demolition by the city with approval from the City Council on Tuesday.

Located at 1414 South St., the residence has been a source of concern for the city for years, and was in fact cleaned up by city police and public works a few years ago. But to no avail, and it quickly fell back into ruin within months.

Since that time city staff have been going through the process to have the structure condemned and its occupants evicted.

“This is a project a long time coming,” City Manager Kristina Miller said. “This project stems from the building official’s declaration of this structure as a dangerous building.”

The City Council approved a bid from Cook Construction in the amount of $23,400 to demolish the house and outbuildings, and remove and dispose of the debris.

Funding for the project will have to come out of the city’s general fund reserves as the project was not part of the 2019-20 general budget, Miller explained. An added 10 percent contingency of $2,340 is being added onto the project for a total cost of $25,740.

City Councilwoman Karen Burnett said the cost of the project will be worth it get rid of the eyesore.

Councilman Robert Snow agreed, saying the house has been a “blight to the community.”

According to Miller, the city will put a lien of the property to recoup the city’s financial output for the project, but cautions “it may be sometime before the city is paid back.”

The property is owned by the Estate of Wanda Bohme, who is deceased, according to City Hall.  

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