Dear Editor,

Agriculture is vital in Tehama County and is unique in being our number one industry. From the walnuts and almonds in Dairyville and Los Molinos, to the olives in Corning, and even the vineyards in Vina, for ranchers and farmers, we need to protect and sustain our way of life.

Once again, we are facing an attack in November. Prop. 15, masked as the “School and Communities First Initiate,” which while sounding good, clocks what is really the biggest tax increase in the history of California.

Prop. 15 will amend the historic Prop. 13, the 1978 measure that limits property tax increase to 2 percent per year. Using the Covid-19 pandemic as another reason to support this measure, the effects of which will drive even more people and businesses out of state, and will have devastating effects on local farmers and ranchers. It is predicted to cost Tehama County alone $750,000 annually.

Tehama County can’t afford to have leadership that is unaware of the damage this measure would cost the county and its already overtaxed farmers and ranchers.

Join me Nov. 3 in voting no on Prop. 15 to protect Tehama County and its residents.

Jerry Crow

Los Molinos

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