Dear Editor, 

I’ve been in Corning for 26 years, and can’t believe there hasn’t been more business growth along the freeway, large new home developments within city limits, or growth downtown. Now’s the time with displaced people and the price of housing in Chico. Build subdivisions, apartments, and townhomes. This would increase the tax base, and if we don’t do it now, do you think it will happen when the economy isn’t booming?!

I’ve heard the city requires so many fees, developers look elsewhere. Driving up from SoCal, I’ve seen many cities with new growth next to their major asset, their freeways ... motels, restaurants, retail stores. Rodgers Theater should be like the Palms in Winters, a music venue. Entice a brewery downtown, as long as they have a restaurant! How about some tax breaks, incentives and a more progressive approach from now on.


John Hutchinson


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