I am writing to express my concerns with the ever-changing COVID-19 advice and information that the government’s so-called experts have been shoveling out since the China virus reared its ugly head.  

Don’t wear masks; wear masks. Masks are ineffective; masks are mandatory. Stay indoors; go outside for sunlight and fresh air. Don’t congregate, no church, funerals, marriages or other gatherings; it is acceptable to demonstrate, hold political funerals and events.  Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work; Hydroxychloroquine works if used early. Ventilators should be used for hospitalized patients; ventilators are counter-productive and it’s best to place patients on their stomach to ease breathing. And on and on it goes.

The Governor continues to lockdown Tehama County even though Tehama County health officials have questioned the numerical rationales and methods used for rural counties. Needless to say, for political reasons or otherwise, the state fails to relax restrictions leaving small businesses and the economy to flounder while corporate businesses are allowed to remain open and flourish.

The Center for Communicable Diseases has now completed a review of death certificates, and as a result as of Feb. 1, 2020, has determined that 94 percent of the 183,399 COVID-19 deaths in the United States, were actually due to underlying preexisting conditions. In other words COVID-19 was NOT the major cause of death. It is easy to figure out that 6 percent of the misleading number works out to the true number of 11,004 deaths directly caused by COVID-19. Why is the misleading larger number of 183,399 the only one we’re seeing in the national media?

I heard that a patient supposedly asked their doctor “when will this pandemic end”’, and the response was “don’t ask me, I’m a doctor not a politician”.

–Dean Cofer


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