Happy New Year to all and to all, another tax?  Measure G, an additional countywide 1% sales tax, a general tax, has been placed on the March 3rd ballot by the Board of Supervisors, and if approved by a majority vote, would impose a 1% additional sales tax in the County, including the cities of Red Bluff, Corning, and Tehama, for the next 10 years.  Red Bluff and Corning already have an additional sales tax in place so approval by the voters of Measure G would in effect be double sales taxation for the residents of Red Bluff and Corning, without responsible representation.  

Why did the Board of Supervisors do this, you ask? From my years in city and county government in both elected and appointed positions, having budgeted, managed, and implemented spending actions, it almost always results from lack of responsible fiscal habits by elected and appointed officials, who have no backbone to say no to excessive spending.  Most importantly, why should the residents of the cities of Red Bluff and Corning be double sales taxed on purchases, and thus pay for, the Board of Supervisors lack of oversight and action to hold down County costs and expenditures?  

Do you know that if Measure G passes, car sales, for anyone who is a resident of Red Bluff or Corning, will now be double taxed, with both the County’s additional tax and the existing additional sales taxes in Red Bluff and Corning? And by the way, did you also know that if you think you can escape these taxes by purchasing a vehicle in another County, you can’t.  Even if you purchase your next vehicle in Butte or Shasta County, the car sales businesses will collect the Tehama County and cities taxes from you also.  By the way, car sales are some of the largest revenue generators of city funds, and now the County wants to take advantage of those car sales too. Why should city residents pay for the County’s lack of foresight over the fiscal integrity of County operations and spending?  If you don’t want to pay for the County’s additional sales tax, and don’t want double sales taxation in the cities of Red Bluff and Corning, vote NO on Measure G. 

- Susan Price


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