Dear Editor,

When I was a little boy (in about 1947 or 1948) my grandparents lived on a farm about four miles north of Corning. One of my earliest memories is riding the train from Roseville to Corning to visit my grandparents.

My grandfather met me at the train. We drove in his car to downtown Corning (at least that’s where I think we were). He stopped in front of a place called the PassTime Club and we went inside. I think we went there so someone there could meet me.

I remember the wooden sidewalk out in front of the PassTime Club. I remember the smell inside the PassTime club (I believe it to be the typical smell of a tavern). I remember that the place was sort dark inside with just a few lights hanging from the ceiling. We weren’t there very long (maybe a few minutes).

I’m positive we didn’t stop there so my grandfather could get a beer, but instead to meet someone. However I have no recollection of meeting anyone. I have wondered for a long time about who we stopped to see there to see.

Do you have any info on who owned or ran the PassTime Club in the 1940’s or can you refer me to someone who might know that?

– David Badovinac

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