New Corning High School Classrooms

Corning Union High School District Superintendent Jared Caylor, left, shows the new classroom construction taking place at the Corning Union High School campus this summer. Seven new classrooms are being constructed at the campus to replace the old J Wing modular buildings.

When Corning Union High School students return to campus in August they will be using seven new classrooms which are being constructed this summer.

Utilizing voter approved Measure K bond funds, the seven classrooms are replacing the old J Wing modular units at a cost of $3,088,170, according to Corning Union High School District Superintendent Jared Caylor.

“We are really excited to have the outdated facilities replaced,” Caylor said. “We continue to work to maximize every bit of funding we can get our hands on to benefit our students and our community. This project is one way we are using bond funding to benefit our campus.”

The seven classrooms are permanent modulars from AMS that cost $1,454,700. Other costs included such items as site work, architect approval, and special inspections.

“These are excellent construction and modern buildings,” Caylor said. “Funding is from round two of the bond disbursement, develop fees and some funding from the first round of the bond.”

The classrooms consist of three buildings and are being placed in a U-shape in the southeast section of the campus buildings and will house the school’s entire mathematics department. The seven classrooms also includes one double-size classroom for special education.

This is the first phase of new classroom construction, Caylor said.

With funding from the third round of bond disbursement, state grants and $600,000 in Career Technical Education funds, the district’s second phase of construction will include 14 new classrooms and a restroom that will replace another section of the campus’s outdated facilities. That phase will also include safety improvements to the campus.

Last summer, bond funds were used to construct the school’s new all-weather track and safety improvements.

The district is also looking to find funding to construct a student parking lot north of the campus across Blackburn Avenue.

“This is a matter of student safety as we try to get student parking off of Blackburn Avenue and into a much safer location,” Caylor said.

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