Two Corning parks are going to get upgrades thanks to funding from Measure A (half cent sales tax increase) and Development and Tax Fees.

Yost Park at Tehama and First streets is undergoing a makeover at its playground, said Corning Planner/Recreation Coordinator Christina Meeds.

“The old playground equipment has been removed and sold by the City,” she added. “New playground equipment has been purchased and will be installed by volunteers as soon as possible.”

In addition, the sidewalk around the playground area is being redone to make it ADA compliant.

Meeds said the playground equipment is of a modern design with a red, white and blue theme.

At the Corning Community Park/Lennox Field six new fitness stations are being installed over a quarter mile stretch.

The stations include a cardio walker, leg press, chest press, sit up and back work, and recumbent cycle. 

“If residents walk the fitness path four times they will cover a mile walk or jog and four workouts,” Meeds said.

The cost of the two projects is approximately $100,000.

The park site for the fitness stations was approved by the City Council in June and was different than the park site recommended by the Recreation Commission.

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