Corning business owner Robert Eugene

O'Connor is in legal trouble once again, this time with the Franchise Tax Board

(FTB) and Tehama County District Attorney's Office for tax evasion and fraud.

O'Connor, and his wife Karen Marie, are the owners of Omega Waste Management,

Inc. The couple is facing one felony count of

tax evasion, said Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen, and are due to

appear in the county's Superior Court on June 30 at 8 a.m., in Department 3,

for felony arraignment. Cohen said the FTB presented the TCDA's

with information concerning the O'Connor's alleged tax fraud. The TCDA's Office

then filed a compliant with the court charging the couple with tax evasion. A warrant for the O'Connor's arrest was

issued and the couple was taken into custody by the Tehama County Sheriff's

Office on June 8, in Corning at 957 Colusa St. Robert O'Connor said he is in the process

of retaining an attorney and has no idea what he was arrested for or what the

charges are against him. "I've called the sheriff's department and the courthouse and

I still don't know what this is all about," said O'Connor. "I haven't been

contacted by the IRS or the Franchise

Tax Board this time." O'Connor was arrested and convicted in

2003 for illegal burning on his former Christian Boys Ranch, located on Corning

Road, approximately six miles west of Corning. The case went to trial and O'Connor was found guilty of a

felony count of illegal disposal of hazardous waste and a felony count of

illegal burning of hazardous waste. On Nov. 24, 2003, he was sentenced to three

years of formal probation, 100 hours of community service and restitution to

the victim. 

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