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This working cowboy rodeo sounds like great fun

We’re big rodeo fans, and this particular event really has caught our eye due to the “working cowboy” aspect of it. There’s more on today’s front page, but here’s the rundown: 

On Friday and Saturday, dozens of honest-to-goodness working ranch cowboys will be gathering at the Tehama County District Fairgrounds to compete in the 22nd annual JP Ranch Rodeo.

Three-man teams representing ranches from the western United States, including Tehama County, will be competing in the rodeo event held in the fairground’s Pauline Davis Pavilion.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? We hope to see you out there!

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We love sharing community news, here’s how to do it

You’ll notice that we don’t shy away from running photos of school awards, ribbon cuttings and all sorts of other community events.

There’s a reason for this: We love doing it!

We can’t make it out to every community event, and so we encourage you to continue to send items to that we can share in our publication each week. Thanks for sharing!

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