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Helping hands for fire victims

While none of the major blazes have thankfully reached Tehama County, we’re pretty sure that the biggest story over the last few weeks in California has been those devastating blazes. 

And because of that, we decided to list the ways that people can help out with those impacted by fires to our east, those whose lives were uprooted by the Wind Complex in the Sierra foothills.

It seems like a friendly neighborly thing to do. And we think the folks in nearby Yuba and Butte counties would probably show some compassion if our area was ever afflicted by such a disaster. 

So, we’ll include here the ways in which businesses and people can let us know how they are helping out after the fire:

Are you, your business or organization taking time to try to help by collecting or volunteering to support evacuees, firefighters, relief organizations and such?

Let us know by commenting under the “Helping Hands” header at our sister paper’s site, (it’s outside the paywall), by commenting on our Appeal-Democrat Facebook page, or email us at

Please tell us:

– Who you are and what business, group, organization you represent that is taking donations or working for relief.

– What you are collecting – specific items, food, cash, etc. And to what organization(s) or people the donations will go to.

– When you’ll be accepting contributions and where to deliver them.

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