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What a terrifying scene near Corning High School

Our reporter, Julie Johnson, was right on top of the drive-by shooting scene which ended in a dramatic traffic stop near Corning High School on Friday afternoon.

We’re glad there wasn’t any seriously violence to come out of the whole thing, and we’re curious to see where the investigation leads. As we always say, we can’t jump ahead and convict people by way of newspaper accounts, we can sure as heck be worried and scared that something like that happened.

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Great donation for great places

Another recent scary scene in our area was the fire that damaged the Corning Senior Center in September.

We wrote then about how we were worried about what might happen to the institution, but it seems like at least some of worries have been alleviated thanks to a generous $10,274 donation from the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC).

You can read more about the story starting on today’s front page, but we were pretty excited to hear this kind of reaction:

Corning Senior Center Director Karen Burnett is also thrilled to have the center receive the generous donation.

“The center suffered a fire in September, and we are still trying to recover from that loss. At this point because of the fire, the funds will be helpful in replacing some of the items we lost.

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