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Food truck event is a fun idea

We’re sure most people know the biggest day of Olive Festival Week is this Saturday, when the actual festival and the Car Show take place.

But it’s fun to have more activities and events packed in the week heading into the big day.

Such was the case with the food truck event held for the first time on Tuesday, as reported on in today’s paper.

It was another great reason for people to come check out the downtown area. There’s always room for improvement, however, and we hope there is more local food involved in the future.

As we reported today: The only food truck from Corning was Hometown Cafe; the others were from Chico. City Manager Christina Miller, who organized the event, told the City Council in September she had approached some of the food trucks in Corning to join the event, but most weren’t interested.

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To the terrifying violence in Vegas and the immediate blame game that followed

Our hearts ache for all of the people impacted by the horrible and cowardly acts committed by a lone gunman in Las Vegas at a country concert on Sunday.

And, as expected, instead of focusing on the loss of others and the heroic acts of countless people, the conversation seems to have already landed in the political realm.

Calls for gun control immediately after such tragedies don’t quite give people time to cope. Can’t we just give it some time?

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