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To giving something new a try and seeing it pay off

Corning loves its olives and loves its classic cars.

With that in mind, we were excited to see how the Olive Festival and Corning Car Show would be as a sort of joint event.

There was probably a bit of trepidation at first that one aspect might outshine the other, but it seems like the Chamber of Commerce did a great job of marketing the whole thing.

And all of the fun leading up to the event was worth noting, as well. 

To recap a bit of today’s front page coverage:

Saturday’s festivities were the culmination of a week of olive-centric fun in Corning, starting with the Olive Festival Dinner on Sept. 30, followed by the Missing Olive challenge, the art show at Rodgers Theatre, Food Truck Tuesday, open house at Dignity Health’s Solano Street Clinic on Wednesday, Olive Festival Mixer on Thursday, and Friday’s Car Show Cruise, Festival Parade and Barbecue.

On Saturday, Tony Cardenas, a member of the Chamber of Commerce said, “Things are going really good, wonderful in fact.”

That’s great to hear, and we hope that such a venture can only improve as time marches on.

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The wildfire devastation is scary

Following the news over the last few days has been extremely difficult. We’re praying for progress made against this rash of wildfires.

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