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A crop to take pride in

One of the most fun times of the year at the Observer is for olive harvest. 

We get to learn all about prices, crops, the industry and pass all of that information on to you, our readers.

California, especially in its valleys, is known for having some of the best agriculture around.

So, we think it’s pretty cool that the olive continues to find its headquarters in Corning. 

In addition to learning about how this year’s crop is looking, which, by the way, we hope turns out well, we’ve also included a history of the olive industry in today’s paper. 

It’s everything you need to know!

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Fire at Senior Center worries us

Senior centers are great assets to our community, which is why we were saddened when we heard about the fire at ours. 

It sounds minor, but we still worry and hope things get back to normal. 

The center is generally open Monday-Friday providing lunch to dozens of Corning seniors, along with other activities such as bingo, music, art classes, a library, fundraisers, health seminars and more.

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