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We’re glad such a welcoming meeting was held about marijuana

Tuesday night’s special joint meeting between the Corning Planning and City Council was sure to bring out some heated and passionate arguments.

The reason? Marijuana dispensaries were on the docket.

While this was simply an informational meeting about what could happen to the city’s ordinance, we came away impressed with the civility and order of the night. 

People and officials, both for and against, had their chance to let their voices be heard.

That’s just about the way it should work, we think. 

As a potential new ordinance moves along, we hope that cooler heads will prevail – even though we realize how interested many people are in topics involving marijuana. 

Only time will tell how our local, state and federal governments eventually deal with the issue of marijuana and its availability, but it’s sure nice to see democracy working at a very efficient level here in Corning.

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Awwwwwww, fall

These temperatures have been nice – let’s hope they stay that way! 

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