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A worthy celebration

That’s a mighty big pair of scissors they had out at Da Vinci Academy for the ceremony at the Maywood campus on Marguerite Avenue at Fig Lane.

As reported and photographed on today’s front page by Julie Johnson, it was an event deserving of such pomp and circumstance, we think.

Here’s the basics: The academy is a STEM program campus for sixth- and seventh-grade students and focuses on the subjects of science, technology, engineering, math and arts.

The $3 million project helped the academy make some serious upgrades that should serve students and faculty well into the future. 

There’s nothing quite like seeing new technology and facilities being used by youths, as they’re one of the greatest assets we can invest in. 

Thumbs down

Not exercising caution

The combination of the heat and the smoke have been nearly unbearable over the last week or so for many of us. 

And the thought that one of the larger wildfires in the region (the Ponderosa Fire in Butte County) was allegedly started by an illegal campfire is pretty upsetting. 

It seems that year in and year out we run into situations where people are careless with fires. 

People have had to evacuate, homes have been destroyed and thousands of acres have burned.

Some fires many not be preventable, but we get a feeling a good deal are. 

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