Orland Raceway held their fourth annual Thomas Schmitke Memorial Race For a Cure event. Not only was it a night offering great racing on the 1/5 mile dirt oval, it was also a night to raise money to help fight Cancer. At last report, nearly $800 was raised from the event to help the cause. Main Event winners on the night were Wes Smock, Bobby Douglas, Dan Webster, Tom Davis and Mike McCarthy.

Wes Smock had a stellar night in the Hobby Stock division. The past Mini Stock champion picked up his second 20-lap Main Event win in the past three races. Smock, reigning champion Paul Stephens and point leader Phil Spencer won their respective eight lap heat races. As anticipated, these three drivers battled at the front of the pack with Smock taking the checkered flag ahead of Stephens and Spencer. Keith Ross settled for fourth, followed by Maurice Merrill, Jimmy Langenderfer, John Camper, James Taylor, Steve Martin and Mike Kvalvik.

Bobby Douglas snapped the three-race winning streak for Tony Richards with his win in the Wingless Spec Sprint 20 lap Main Event. Richards went winless on the evening as both Douglas and rookie Jeremy Langenderfer were the eight lap heat race winners. This was the first win for Langenderfer in this division. Douglas won the Main Event ahead of RJ Baker and point leader Denny McNary. Richards settled for fourth, followed by Gregory Gebhardt, Jeff Wilson, Cassie Amore, Langenderfer, Jonathan Romano and Cort Marchuk.

Dan Webster impressed with his third-straight Mini Truck Main Event win. Webster missed two races this year, but he’s rapidly climbing up the point ladder due to his recent success. Dan Webster and Zack Webster were the eight lap heat races winners, and Dan held off Zack for his feature victory. Kalvin Kvalvik finished third ahead of point leader James Woodell, Josh Tucker, Dan Libbee, Anthony Esquaville, Beau Chandler and William Fogle.

Point leader Tom Davis continues to roll in the Mini Stock division. Davis and Jason Libbee were the eight lap heat race winners, and Davis picked up the feature win with Jeremy Langenderfer hot on his trail. Past champion John Kirkpatrick had his best finish of the season in third, followed by Jason Libbee, Keith Ross and Barbara Crain.

Mike McCarthy won the 20 lap 250 Micro Sprint Main Event as well as the eight lap heat race. McCarthy will likely be the point leader following this event. His feature triumph came ahead of Jerry Douglas, Ronnie Heyer and previous winner Lester Elsey.

The next show will be on June 22, featuring The Wingless Spec Sprints, Mini Trucks, Mini Stocks and the 250 and 600 Micros. For further information, go to the Orland Raceway Facebook page.

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