Parents of students in a Corning Union Elementary School District classroom are up in arms about the safety of their children and presented a letter and signed petition to the district's Board of Trustees and district Superintendent Tiffany Dietz during the Nov. 10 board meeting addressing their concerns.

According to Angelica Trenado, a parent who has a student at West Street Elementary School, there is a student in a classroom who has been violent towards fellow students and to staff, including the classroom's teacher who is now reportedly on stress-leave.

The letter from the parents states, “We are writing this letter to let you know that we are concerned about the safety of our children on a daily basis. Our children are being put in danger everyday that they come to school.”

Trenado said the child in question, who will remain unidentified for purposes of privacy, torments other students by pulling on clothes, throwing things, choking other students, hitting and pushing.

“Our children are scared of him and he needs to be removed from a regular classroom setting so our children's education is safe and uninterrupted,” she added.

The parents' concerns have gone to the school's principal and a staff member was assigned to assist with the student in question each school day.

Trenado said that isn't enough and the child is still being a problem and threat to other students in the classroom.

“We knew the next step was to go to the district superintendent and board,” she added. “And that is what we have done.”

The petition signed by other parents of students in the classroom had about 28 signatures and was submitted with the grievance letter.

Trenado said she met with Dietz previous to the school board meeting, but things didn't go as she expected.

“She basically told me the other children in the classroom need to learn to deal with the disruptive child. That isn't a satisfactory solution and there are parents who say they will file a lawsuit against the district if there child is ever injured by this disruptive and violent student,” she stated.

A call to the district office for a response to the letter and petition was not returned by press-time.

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