Northstate law enforcement was recently become aware of an elaborate phone scam which leads unsuspecting recipients to believe they are the subject of a federal investigation.

The people implementing this scam are using actual Shasta County Sheriff’s Office employee names to make the scam sound more credible.

The perpetrators are asking call recipients to mail in a specific dollar amount/fine to alleviate a future warrant for their arrest. They will also tell the scam victim there is a “Gag order” and they are not allowed to talk about the case or call the law enforcement.

Anyone receiving this type of call needs to be aware it is a phone scam and never to send any form of payment.

There is no law enforcement agency in the Northstate that would conduct this type of transaction over the phone or request the payment of a fine in such a manner.

Anyone who receives a call that may be a phone scam, and unsure what to do, contact a local law enforcement agency for guidance and to report the scam call.

Never give out personal information or send money to someone soliciting such information over the phone that appears suspicious in nature no matter the subject of the possible scam.

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