A Red Bluff woman died from a gunshot wound reportedly inflicted by her 27-year-old daughter on Monday, according to the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department.

At about 10:52 p.m. Jan. 3, Tehama County sheriff's dispatch received a call of a female screaming in the area of 14845 Hilltop Dr. in west Red Bluff.

Two minutes later, a second call came in to sheriff's dispatch from a man who said his daughter was having a breakdown, was in possession of a 9mm handgun and was not allowing him and his wife to leave the home.

During that call the dispatch operator heard a single gunshot and a woman say, “She shot me,” according to Tehama County Assist. Sheriff Phil Johnston.

“We believe that statement came from the mother,” he added, the “mother” being 62-year-old Candace Diane Larsen and the suspect being her 27-year-old daughter, Julia Deanna Larsen.

Although early in the investigation, Johnston said it appears a physical altercation then took place between Julia and her father, 65-year-old Martin Alan Larsen, over a handgun.

“At this time we believe that during the altercation over the handgun, Julia was shot,” Johnston said. “Four handguns were located in the home and all were seized as evidence.”

During the 911 call sheriff's deputies were immediately sent to the scene where they surrounded the perimeter and heard multiple gunshots within the home, according to Johnston.

Deputies made multiple announcements but there was no success as more shots were fired within the home.

An armored vehicle (Bearcat) was sent towards the home at which time Julia Larsen reportedly exited the residence.

Using the armored vehicle as cover and after a brief struggle, deputies were able to take Julia Larsen into custody, reported the sheriff's office.

When deputies entered the building, they found Candace Larsen suffering from a gunshot wound. Life-saving efforts were performed, however, Candace succumbed to her injuries while in still in the home.

Martin Larsen, 65, was located suffering several injuries, including severe bite wounds reportedly from the physical altercation with Julia.

Johnston said hospital staff reported that while they did not find any bullet wounds on Martin from the shootout between he and Julia, he did have other severe wounds.

Martin and Julia were taken by ambulance to an area hospital where both are listed in stable condition.

“As soon as medical staff clears Julia Larsen, who has been arrested but remains in the hospital, can be released from the hospital, she will be booked into the Tehama County Jail on an open count of murder,” Johnston said. “Our office has already been in contact with the District Attorney's Office on this case.”

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