Last weekend in Corning there was a California High School Rodeo “Battle for the Saddle,” and a saddle bronc rider, Wyatt Coffman, from Browns Valley was injured. 

The following was posted on Facebook:

“Update from Wyatt Coffman’s Family as of February 4, 2020.

“When we came into the ER by ambulance I thought it was going to be for his separated shoulder and a few X-rays etc. Come to find out he unfortunately severed his liver nearly in half and broke his back in three places. He also broke a bone in the shoulder socket as well the shoulder separating.

“The trauma doctor was concerned about internal bleeding so they wanted to do a procedure similar to an angioplasty where they run a tube up his femoral artery and get to the liver to stop bleeding. Once they did that, he found that the liver had actually stopped bleeding on its own so he backed out and didn’t do any further repairs.

“We found out yesterday that the broken bones will NOT affect his mobility. The breaks are similar to broken ribs where there is not much treatment for them other than rest and they will heal on their own. That was good news!

“As of now the liver is going to heal on its own as well and they are monitoring his labs and urine for signs of it starting to bleed again. He is still in the ICU and yesterday was a bad day because his pain has been so bad. Trying to find the happy medium for pain management. We were told the blood in his belly is painful but should get better as it goes away. Liver function is normal despite the severe injury. It’s an amazing organ and heals itself. Thanks for your prayers. We are very fortunate it wasn’t worse, but his Phoenix vest saved his life.

“We want to thank our family and friends so very much for your help and prayers. Those of you who met with us at the hospital and continue to do so. Those who prayed with us. So many things still left to do but firmly believe he’s going walk out of here within the next few days. Feel free to share this post so folks are updated.

“We love you all so very much, the Coffmans

“Special thanks to SCDSA and Star 6 foundation.”

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