Animal Regulation Officers Trucks

One of the two much improved animal regulation trucks recently purchased by the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office for use by its animal regulations officers.

In an effort to improve the comfort and care of animals it transports, the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office purchased two animal regulation trucks from Yolo County.

The two 2015 Ford F250s are equipped with “Deerskin” animal boxes. These boxes are bigger, more insulated and air conditioned for the comfort of the animals being transported. The old animal regulation trucks were aging and both had well over 300,000 miles.

Due to the lack of space for the animals and heat/cold the sheriff’s office animal regulations officers had to make several trips to the Tehama County Animal Care Center in Red Bluff every shift. This was a waste of time and fuel, by having more spaces and air conditioning the animal regulations officers can now handle multiple calls for service before heading to the Animal Care Center, reported the sheriff’s office.

The trucks purchased from Yolo County have 36,000 and 53,000 miles on them, and by buying these trucks the sheriff’s office saved about $20,000 per truck.

The sheriff’s office had to only change the graphics and put police radios in the trucks to get them on the street. Tehama County Sheriff Dave Hencratt was able to purchase the vehicles using funds that are not part of the county’s general fund; therefore the purchase of the vehicles did not impact the county’s general fund.

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