Solano Street buildings deemed dangerous, public nuisances

The old M and M Auto Parts building located at the southeast corner of Solano Street and Fifth Street has been deemed a public nuisance and dangerous by the City. Repairs to bring the structure up to code will be paid for with city funds and a lien placed on the building to recoup those funds.


Two Solano Street buildings, addresses 1219 and 1223, were declared dangerous and public nuisances on a unanimous vote by the City Council during Tuesday’s regular meeting.

The buildings are the former M and M Motor Parts store, which has fallen into dangerous disrepair over the years since its closure. A couple different businesses tried to make a go at the addresses but failed in their enterprise and the buildings have remained vacant since that time.

City Manager Kristina Miller said city staff noticed loose boards on the building that lie in the path of the public walkway.

“That creates a hazard to the public and constitutes a nuisance,” Miller said. “There is also black plastic hanging from the facade, which is also falling apart. The entire facade is pulling away from the building.”

The City sent the property owner in December a notice of order to repair the structure immediately, but received no response.

“From what I know, the owner did contact 3Core about its business facade program, but after learning the process to apply for funding the owner never followed up,” Miller said.

The counsel’s approval to deem the property a public nuisance lays the groundwork for the City to proceed with abatement procedures on the building.

Miller said the estimated cost to remove the mansard framing and siding and repair it under prevailing wages is around $40,000.

“The City will record a lien on the building to recoup the costs to abate the nuisance,” she added. “This will provide possible  cost recovery, although it may take some time.”

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