The summer of 2020, which rang in Saturday, started with a major heatwave in the Upper Sacramento Valley, adding to the sweat of COVID-19 worries and racial riots across the nation.

Temperatures well above 100 degrees F. throughout the week, predicted to reach 110 tomorrow, Friday, June 26, resulted in Tehama County Emergency Operations Center to issue a heat warning and open a cooling location weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Red Bluff Community Center, 1500 S. Jackson St., Red Bluff. 

Extended heatwaves can affect a person’s health and should be taken seriously, advises the Emergency Operations Center.

A cooling location allows affected people to get out of the heat for a period of time to let them cool down in an air-conditioned atmosphere. The cooling center in Red Bluff does not provided food or water.

Those needing to use the Red Bluff Community Center are asked to abide by COVID-19 hygiene and distancing protocol and if ill to wear a mask.

As Tehama County continues to move forward with full reopening of other businesses, additional cooling locations will include the Corning, Los Molinos and Red Bluff public libraries.

During times of excessive heat, county health officials remind residents to drink plenty of water, stay indoors as much as possible where it is cool, avoid outdoor activity unless necessary, wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen.

In addition, check on family, friends and neighbors who live in the area, especially the elderly and those with medical conditions.

Pets and livestock also need to be considered during summer heatwaves by providing plenty of shade and water.

The weather in the Upper Sacramento Valley is predicted to be in the high 80s next week.

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