Things have changed since the early days of Tehama County Sheepmen’s and Tehama County Cattlemen’s Field Days, which took place in the spring on various ranches in the county, with 800 to 1,000 attending each event.

Farm Advisor Don Smith would have an educational program in the morning followed by a lunch prepared by Larry Alveras, Tony Lourence, or Angelo Mendonca. Bob Kerstiens and his fire crew with their wives would prepare the coffee and garlic bread. John Deming from the Crystal Tavern would bring the bar and do a brisk business.

I remember at the sheep field day luncheons there were jugs of red wine on each table. While in the afternoon different sheepmen would bring their dogs and demonstrate handling the sheep on a course similar to outdoors at Red Bluff Bull Sale. Afternoon at the Cattle Field Day would be a stock horse contest, and other horse events.

This was before social media and other ways to communicate became common.

Biosecurity and liability issues have caused ranchers to be cautious about having strangers on their ranches. For a few years we tried having the Field Day at the Tehama District Fairgrounds, but few came, and it was lots of effort for a small group of people.

Over the past few years the younger cattlemen have suggested a golf game as the annual gathering, which this year takes place March 29 at Wilcox Oaks Golf Course. Everyone is welcome, and a hole-in-one wins a Honda side-by-side. It will be an 18 hole golf scramble and barbecue lunch.

Entry deadline is March 23. For more information, call 570-1276 or 736-3428.

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