From as far away as Idaho, Washington and Montana, stockmen and ranchers by the hundreds will be arriving at the Tehama District Fairgrounds with big hopes of big sales and big dollars as the 79th Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale runs next week from Jan. 21-25.

Starting Tuesday, people in the cattle, horse and livestock dog business will gather to see old friends, talk about the industry, and most importantly, show, buy and sale some of the best bulls, horses and livestock dogs from across the western states.

But the event is about more than just livestock as it features several western lifestyle events, including the daily trade show, western art show hosted by the Tehama County CattleWomen's Association, Cinch's Bull Bash event, the Kick-off Breakfast, Buyers and Consignors Dinner and B.S Casino, horse shows, livestock dog shows, and more.

“We believe as many as 30,000 people attend this event each year in one capacity or another” said Sale Manager Adam Owens. “We have several events of public interest, such as the Cinch's Bull Bash, Buyers and Consigners Dinner that is open to the public on Wednesday along with the B.S. Casino and bull riders auction. The Trade Show is extremely popular and we appreciate the Tehama County CattleWomen's Association hosting the Western Art Show.”

This year there are 345 registered halter and range bulls consigned to the sale, along with 80 top-notch ranch geldings and 20 livestock dogs.

“The number of bulls entered this year is a little down compared to last year,” Adams said. “However, the cattle market is up a bit and the economy is good so we expect to see good prices at all three sales.”

He added that the sale of bulls, horses and dogs is actually a nationwide event as the sales are online as well as live and people from across the country purchase the animals.

To the ensure the premium of the industry is sold at the event, each bull, gelding and stock dog goes through rigorous evaluations by veterinarians and judges. Animals that don't make the grade are “sifted” or eliminated from the sale.

In addition, throughout the week, geldings compete in conformation and working classes, such as calf branding, team roping, cutting and stock horse, giving potential buyers the opportunity to learn more about the horses, their training and abilities.

The competition culminates with the selection of the top-notch Conformation Horse and the Craig Owens Ideal Ranch Horse in preparation for Friday night's Gelding Sale at 6 p.m. in the Pauline Davis Pavilion. Entry is $10.

The stock dogs also go through working trials on cattle for the same reasons. The trials take place indoors and outdoors, with each dog working with its handler on horseback and a small herd of cattle the team must move through a pre-designated course.

On Friday the Dog Sale takes place in the Don Smith Pavilion at 3:30 p.m.

The bulls, once sifted, are then graded and the halter bulls compete in conformation classes in each specific breed with champion and reserve champion awarded.

Bulls are auctioned off on Saturday starting at 9:30 a.m. in the Don Smith Pavilion.

Last year's event overall topped $2 million with the gelding sale hitting a record of $786,050 when 63 horses were sold, and 17 dogs sold for a total of $117,000. Bulls sold for a total of $1.1949 million with 302 sold.

Owens said he is hopeful to exceed those totals this year.

The annual event ends Saturday with the Cinch Jeans Red Bluff's Bull Bash bull riding at 7 p.m. in the Pauline Davis Pavilion. Pre-Sale General admission is $20 a person, $25 at door; Arena Floor Seating Pre-Sale $30 a person, $35 at door: V.I.P. Premier Seating, Parking, Reception, Appetizers pre-sale is $75, $80 at door.

For more information, visit or call the event officer at 527-2045.  

Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale Schedule:



7 p.m. Dave Starney Concert. Tickets at, State Theatre, Red Bluff


9 a.m. Sifting & Grading of all HALTER CALVING EASE AND HALTER BULLS, Don Smith Pavilion.

12 p.m. Trade Show Open. Close at 7:00PM.

1 p.m. Working Stock Dogs, presented by Loyall - All dogs work OUTSIDE.

5:30 p.m. Buyer & Consignor Dinner, presented by Elanco & Animal Health, Int. $20/person. B.S. Casino 7-10 p.m. and Auction of Cinch’s Bull Bash Riders, Tyler Jelly Building.


7:30 a.m. Breakfast and Beef Forum presented by Merck Animal Health.

8 a.m. GELDINGS - Shown at halter, in age order, youngest to oldest. Pauline Davis Pavilion. GELDINGS - Dry, Trail and Cattle Works, Pauline Davis Pavilion.

9 a.m. Trade Show Open.

11 a.m. WVM INTERNET FEEDER/FEMALE SALE, presented by Boehringer Ingelheim, Don Smith Pavilion.

3 p.m. GELDINGS Calf Branding, presented by Skinner Livestock Transportation, Pauline Davis Pavilion.

5:45-7 p.m. Kevin Oliver Cowhorse Clinic, Presented By Farnam, Pauline Davis Pavilion.

7 p.m. GELDINGS - Conformation Horse Selected, Pauline Davis Pavilion. WORKING STOCK DOGS presented by Loyall, Pauline Davis Pavilion.


8 a.m. GELDINGS - Cutting, Snaffle Bit/Hackamore, Stock Horse & Team Roping Contests.


9 a.m. Trade Show Open

11 a.m. Seminar, presented by Zoetis, Don Smith Pavilion.

1 p.m. WORKING OF STOCK DOGS, presented by Loyall - Final Round - Work outside.

3:30 p.m. SALE OF STOCK DOGS, presented by Loyall, Don Smith Pavilion.

4-7 p.m. Ag Social Sponsored by Chico State College of Agriculture, Fairgrounds Cafeteria.

4:30 p.m. DOORS OPEN FOR GELDING SALE, Pauline Davis Pavilion.

4:30 p.m. Vic Woolery’s Famous Tri-Tip BBQ before & during the Gelding Sale. $10/person. Pauline Davis Pavilion.

5 p.m. Youth Activities Fund Raffle, Pauline Davis Pavilion.

6 p.m. SALE OF QUARTER HORSE and PAINT GELDINGS, presented by Rolling Hills Casino. Pauline Davis Pavilion. Admission is $15/person. Tickets available at door, or call office.


9 a.m. American Hereford Assoc. Seminar-Shane Bedwell, Director of Breed Improvement, Don Smith Pavilion.

9 a.m Trade Show Open

9:30 a.m. SALE OF ALL BULLS, presented by Zoetis, Don Smith Pavilion.

7 p.m. CINCH’S BULL BASH, Party & Dance immediately following. Pre-Sale General admission: $20/person, $25 at door; Arena Floor Seating Pre-Sale $30/person, $35 at door: V.I.P. Premier Seating, Parking, Reception, Appetizers: Pre-Sale $75, $80 at door

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