Tornadoes in Tehama County

Courtesy photo

A tornado touches down on the Vina Plains in eastern Tehama County during a storm on Monday. Another tornado touched down near Henlyville west of Corning during the same storm causing destroying a barn on Apple Road, uprooting trees and tearing up an irrigation line.

Tornadoes touched down in south and east Tehama County as a winter storm super-cell moved through the area on Monday.

It is reported that at least two twisters hit the county, one on the Vina Plains east of Vina and one about 15 miles west of Corning in the Apple Road area.

The tornado on Apple Road caused major damage, according to Martin Spannaus, who lives in the area.

“It completely destroy a barn on the property of my neighbor, Butch Thomas, tore up one of my irrigation lines and upended oak trees for about a mile,” he said.

Spannaus had been working in his barn when the storm started pouring buckets of water and pelting the area with thunder and lightening.

“The thunder scared by dog and he took off,” Spannaus said. “I went into the house to get out of the rain and when it stopped out went back outside to look for my dog. It wasn't until then that I realized the tornado had touched down and had done so much damage.”

Tornadoes are not common at this time of years, according to meteorologists, and residents had very little warning to take shelter before they struck.

The storm produced between half to one inch of rain and knocked out power to 4,801 residences and businesses in the Corning area from 1:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. when Pacific Gas and Electric Company crews were able to restore power to a substation struck by lightening.

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