Corning City Manager Kristina Miller said she was pleasantly surprised that the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians for the third year has agreed to partially fund the city’s Recreation Department through the Promise Neighborhood grant it administrates.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to approve an agreement with the tribe for the City to continue its recreation program with partial funding from the grant.

The City was awarded $200,000 in 2018 and $130,000 in 2019 by the tribe through the grant to implement a Youth Recreation and Enrichment Program, currently referred to as Corning Recreation. The most recent installment is for $75,000.

Miller said the initial funding allowed the City to develop a new recreation program for the community. The program has proven to be widely used and successful.

“Funding can be used for the salary of the recreation coordinator, course and program instructors, volunteer stipends, materials and supplies, and online reservation software,” she added.

The most current funding will be used for the calendar year of 2020.

“Approximately 64 percent of the program costs will be covered through the grant,” Miller explained. “To sustain the program the remaining $43,000 must be funded through the (city’s) general fund.”

In an effort to save recreation program funds, Miller said she doesn’t bill the program for any of the hours she spends in administrative time.

The agreement is contingent on the federal funding of the grant.

Miller said the city provides a “soft match” of $5,000 per month to the grant funding through administrative support, facility usage, volunteers and direct support as required.

“I don’t anticipate another year of funding from the grant following this year,” Miller said. “After that the City will be required to fund the program.”

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