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Sections of the sidewalk along Solano Street between Fourth and Sixth streets have been dug up in preparation to place landscaping with concrete sections for people to get in and out of their vehicles. 

As part of the Solano Street Improvement Project in Corning, the intersection at Fourth and Solano streets has been pretty much completed, however, no work seems to be underway on the rest of the project at the intersections of Fifth and Sixth streets.

According to City Manager Kristina Miller, Walberg, Inc. Construction, the company doing the repairs, ran into some unexpected and inconsistent soil types during the Fourth Street repairs. This discovery required the city to make changes to its engineered plans in preparation for completion of the rest of the project. 

“The Solano Street Improvement Project will continue at the Fifth Street and Sixth Street intersections within the next couple of weeks,” said Corning Public Works Consultant Robin Kampmann. “City staff is currently working with the contractor on a change in construction type/method. As soon as a plan and cost are approved, the construction will resume.” 

The work started on July 5 with Walberg carrying out the improvements to repair problems from the original 2016 Solano Streetscape Project. 

Corning contracted with a consultant from Psomas in the amount of $99,868 to perform construction management services to ensure the improvements are carried out in accordance with the city’s plans and specifications.

During work at the Fourth and Solano streets intersection, Walberg had dug up the intersection, replaced the base and was getting ready to pour the HMA hot-mix asphalt when the Psomas consultant and the project engineer decided the project required a greater depth of both the base rock and asphalt.

It was this discovery that led the city to reevaluate the project plans and implement a stall in the project timeline. The project will include repair work to the undulations in the road at the three intersections, 12 decorative solar street lights, 10 decorative street signs with poles and a new sidewalk and planters.

Originally it was anticipated the project would be completed by the end of August, requiring closures to parts of Solano Street at the specified intersections and detours for motorists. Due to delays, that timeline has been extended.

The majority of funding for the repair project is coming through a lawsuit the city filed against Trent Construction, general contractor on the original streetscape project, and Ed Anderson, the town’s former engineer.

“If repair costs exceed what is provided through litigation and settlement, those costs will need to be funded from the city’s general fund,” Miller said. 

Walberg was the winning bidder for the project at $979,105, with $44,900 in additive bid items to be paid with Measure A funds.

The city, as plaintiff, is claiming Trent Construction, and Anderson, who prepared the plans and specifications for the project, failed in their duties and left Solano Street in worse condition than what it was previous to the project.

The case, filed in November 2018, has not been litigated in Tehama County Superior Court, but had a change of venue and was moved to Colusa County Superior Court.

According to City Attorney Collin Bogener, the request for the change of venue came from Anderson’s attorney.

Bogener also confirmed Trent Construction has filed a lawsuit against Anderson in his capacity as the engineer on the project.

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