This weekend, downtown Marysville is set to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with the 143rd annual Bok Kai Parade and Festival. While the parade is still the starring feature, event organizers are making leaps and bounds to incorporate new and exciting activities meant to engage the entire family.

“Bok Kai weekend will be the biggest and most festive ever,” said Heather Young, member of the Marysville Chinese Community. “The Marysville community, the Marysville Chinese Community, and the Bok Kai Parade Committee have worked to organize a weekend filled with 12 events, including a 5K run, live music, food, and fireworks, to name a few. These inclusive events are free of charge and open to all. We hope to restore the annual Bok Kai Festival to its glory days and help local businesses in Marysville that are still trying to bounce back from the pandemic. It's a unique way to draw individuals together for a fun, historic, celebratory weekend."

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