Luther Elementary Darrell Stewart

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Luther Elementary kicked off the school year with its Back to School Night on Monday, Aug. 13, before doors opened to students on the 15th.  The school was abuzz with excitement for the new year. In recent years, Luther has been recognized as a Gold Ribbon School as well as an AVID certified school, kindergarten through fourth grade.

To earn a Gold Ribbon award, schools are evaluated as a whole.  It is not just student academics that are measured, but instead, the systems put in place by a school for success to happen.  Specifically, Luther has developed an effective reading intervention program, which is directed at assisting students who struggle with reading fluency and/or comprehension. This program has yielded such positive results, the school has been recognized at a state level.

In addition to their Gold Ribbon status, Luther is AVID certified.  AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is an educational entity that serves over 5,000 schools in 44 states, and they assist educators in raising the bar for success.  AVID provides tools and strategies in a very specific way of teaching to help support students in the learning process. The focus is on college and career preparation from an early age.  

Principal Parveen Bains admits her staff has set the bar high as a result of AVID. She says, “Regardless of their background or abilities, the moment a student sets foot in a Luther classroom, they are exposed to rigorous strategies, at their specific grade level, that help them reach higher levels of achievement.  Our hope is that when they leave Luther, they are able to build upon the strategies they learned to ensure success at the middle school, high school, and beyond.”  

The hard work at Luther has not gone unnoticed.  For the third year in a row, AVID has asked Luther to host two AVID Showcases this year, in which teachers from all over California and neighboring states will come to see Luther Elementary in action.  “I couldn’t be more proud of my staff and students.  They have fully embraced the concept of a growth mindset, pushing forward to bigger and better things – not just dreaming big, but actively pursuing big. That is the power of a well-rounded education.”  

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