DEAR ABBY: I just divorced my husband. We were together for 13 years. The last three weren’t great. After my divorce – which was grueling – I reconnected with my son’s father, and we are in love. Our romance was doomed before it started back then. Our son is now 18, and we are in our 40s.

Today, our situation is very different. We are both doing well financially and individually. We are blissfully happy and don’t rehash the past. I feel like we were interrupted when we were young. Am I crazy for feeling he is THE ONE? I really want it to work.–IN LOVE IN NEVADA

DEAR IN LOVE: You aren’t crazy, but you are recently divorced and didn’t mention how long you have been “reconnected” with your son’s father. I urge you to put the brakes on and take the time to get to know each other again. I also think you SHOULD rehash the past because unless the problems of years ago are resolved, they may be repeated. Time will tell if he is, indeed, “The One,” and fortunately, you both have plenty of it. I wish you a happy ending. 

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