Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors of the Yuba-Sutter Community,

In July, our local medical professionals and healthcare leaders wrote a letter inviting each of us to do our part in protecting the health and wellbeing of those we love and care about in our community.

As members of the Community Board of Adventist Health and Rideout, we are encouraging the same. We have seen the ongoing efforts that our staff and physicians have made to care for our entire community throughout this pandemic. It has been an enormous lift that has included developing and implementing disaster surge planning; pivoting to meet standards and new treatment protocols as information and understanding of COVID-19 developed; obtaining and maintaining enough supplies of PPE, medications and other equipment to meet the needs of all of our patients; and, currently, planning for the distribution of the first shipment of a vaccine.

Mostly, however, we are humbled by the personal care and concern shown by our staff and physicians to each patient that arrives at our hospital. The ongoing wear and tear of this pandemic is likely most felt by those on the front line. We have seen first-hand, however, the continued commitment, professionalism and love for this community that continues to propel them to provide the very best care to all of us. This care extends to our friends, neighbors and family members, whether hospitalized for COVID-19 or for other conditions.

And now, with this current surge of COVID-19 that includes over 50 people hospitalized as of this writing and our ICU at capacity, we are urging everyone to choose to help our caregivers and each other by following the practices that we know help reduce the transmission of this disease. Please wear a mask when not in your home. Avoid gathering with people other than those within your household. Allow for physical distancing when you are around others and wash your hands frequently.

We understand that COVID-19 is a real threat to our health and our economy, but thriving communities depend on a strong economy powered by healthy people. We can all choose to reduce the impact this virus has on our community and our healthcare system. We can accept this as our collective responsibility to each other.

We are therefore personally requesting that you, each member of the Yuba-Sutter Community, individually commit to care for each other, reduce the transmission and impact of this disease, and do everything you can to make Yuba-Sutter a healthy and thriving community. By doing so, the hope that abounds during this season will be experienced by all of us.


Thank you,

Adventist Health and Rideout Community Board

Robert Gengler, Chair

John Beaman, Vice-Chair

Jeff Eller, Board Secretary

Tib Belza

Amerjit Bhattal

Rupinder Brar, MD

Lisa Del Pero


Aaron Kalin, DO, Chief of Staff

Steve Kroeger

John Miller

Richard Rawson

Alexandra Reichman, MD

Jackie Sillman

Douglas Tolley, MD

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